Inspirational Environmental Awakening Poetry (Poetry Collection # 1)-

  • Title: Inspirational Environmental Awakening Poetry (Poetry Collection # 1)
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  • Released: 2010-03-16
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  • Pages: 124
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  • ASIN: B003CT30TY


After over forty years of Spiritual studies, I've compiled a collection of thoughts as Poems. These cover Life after death, The condition of our Living Planet, War, Environmental issues, Spiritual and Mental Growth as well as inspirational and uplifting pieces. One piece, Prospective is my view of this Living Universe as it was born, from the prospective of Creator.
You Can is a piece on overcoming obstacles.
Support Our Troops is exactly what it sound like. My brother was in Vietnam, what they came back to was wrong.
War, Make Peace and Dove of Peace are all anti war, not anti soldier.
Civilized speaks to the idea that our governments are not
Until speaks of the loss of our parents
The Warning, Water, Whale Song, Changing World, What Will Be and many others all speak to our treatment of this Earth.
One Soul One People was written after Sept. 11th
If They Came refers to our probable reaction to Space Travelers
A Few Miracles is based on readings from ancient texts and from more than one source these Miracles did occur.
So far every one who has heard me read has loved my work.

I hope you will too.

I was recently presented with my Medicine Bundle and the Title Medicine Man.

I was invited to go to India when I was 22 by my Yoga instructor to "Become a Master"

I was at the time Head Therapist and TA at the only RN certified Acupressure Center in the SF bay Area.

I was 18 when I was invited to speak at a Prestigious Theological and Law University. ( I had led a meditation for a group who's project was astral Projection, the students were impressed with their results ) I passed on both of these feeling I had much to learn still.

Since then I have had the Honor to do Ceremony with Medicine People from 4 tribes so far.

I met and discussed Spirit with the President Of the Theological Society, a Roman Catholic Bishop, well known Scientists and engineers, attended a presentation by Uri Geller when I was 16 and have consumed thousands of books, many in private university collections.

Oh and I write from My heart

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