Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Capability (SEI Series in Software Engineering)-Watts S. Humphrey, James W. Over

  • Title: Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Capability (SEI Series in Software Engineering)
  • Author: Watts S. Humphrey, James W. Over
  • Released: 2011-01-09
  • Language:
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 0321624505
  • ISBN13: 978-0321624505
  • ASIN: 0321624505


Review “Watts Humphrey has always emphasized the importance of measurement in software development, and this theme has permeated his previous contributions in CMM, TSP, and PSP. Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust continues this mantra and compiles valuable lessons into principles and patterns that are consumable by executives and leaders. Measured improvement is the differentiator of successful projects and market-leading software organizations. If you want to learn to steer such endeavors, this book will provide some valuable insights.”

—Walker Royce

Vice President, Chief Software Economist



“How to successfully manage knowledge workers is definitely the first of the really big business management challenges of the twenty-first century. Now Watts Humphrey and James Over are able to show how improving leadership, teamwork, and trust are at the heart of what needs to be done and to explain exactly how empowerment, productivity, and profitability are deeply intertwined. This book provides expert guidance on how to reliably bring knowledge work in on time, on budget, and to the correct specification—something that the software engineering industry has been grappling with for decades. There is a better way, and this is it!”

—Mark Smith

Global Director of Quality (2000 to 2010) and former Senior Executive, Global PSQ,

and Certifications Director, Accenture


“Read this book if you’re a team leader, manager, or executive responsible for knowledge-working teams. Benchmark your own principles and practices for team motivation, high product quality, and sustained competitive results against industry leaders. Based on their extensive software industry experience, Watts Humphrey and Jim Over present the techniques that empower self-directed knowledge-working teams to produce superior work, both predictably and at the lowest cost. Software organizations will be compelled to try the Team Software Process (TSP), as we did in Microsoft IT with great success.”

—Aiden Wayne

Information Solutions General Manager

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division


“I want you to know that TSP is one of the most valuable innovations implemented in the Beckman Coulter product development process since I joined the company in 2002. Software has become increasingly important to the success of our instrument systems. And in our business, quality is the most important factor for success. TSP gives us a path to better development time to market and superior quality. We are true believers.”

—Scott Garrett

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Beckman Coulter, Inc.


“Stock exchanges are businesses that have been shaken in recent years by new regulations and unprecedented competition driven by technology. The Mexican Stock Exchange is no exception and is currently immersed in its most important process of business and technological transformation since its creation in the nineteenth century. Understanding that the competitiveness of the exchange will come mostly from its technology platform, we have recognized the value of knowledge work and its management challenges. We adopted TSP/PSP, with coaching from the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon, for managing the execution of our most critical software projects. Results so far are very good, and we plan to gradually extend the TSP/PSP practice across the company.”

—Enrique Ibarra

Director, General Adjunto de Tecnologias del Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Mexican Stock Exchange)


“Watts Humphrey has done more to advance the science of Software Quality Management than anyone I know. His work has had an immense, positive impact on how I lead software organizations. If you want software that is better quality, faster to the market, and cheaper to build, then Watts Humphrey and Jim Over have a tremendous amount of wisdom to share. Great stuff.”

—Michael J. Cullen

Vice President, Quality

Oracle Communications Global Business Unit


“I’m very impressed with the results of TSP in my organization. It is possible to see the difference made by applying these new knowledge-management methods. With TSP, you can adjust your processes, make them leaner, and obtain high-performance teams. This book is perfect guidance for all executives and managers who want to introduce those methods into their organizations.”

—Joao Barracose

Senior Manager, Development Systems



“PSP and TSP have proved to be incredibly successful means for my engineering teams and managers to make and meet their business commitments. Getting high-quality automotive infotainment and head-unit software developed by geographically and culturally separated teams on increasingly tight schedules demands the disciplined engineering and management techniques outlined and referenced in this great new book!”

—Peter Abowd

President, Worldwide Automotive Business

Altia, Inc.

About the Author Watts S. Humphrey (1927–2010) was a senior fellow at the SEI, following a long career as a manager and executive at IBM. He was the founder of the SEI’s Software Process Program and primary author of the SEI’s software process maturity model, which evolved into CMMI. He also led development of the Personal Software Process (PSP) and the Team Software Process (TSP). In 2005, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology—the highest honor given by the president of the United States to America’s leading innovators. Humphrey’s publications include thirteen books.


James W. Over is manager of the SEI’s TSP Initiative and a senior member of the technical staff. Over has led the TSP Initiative since its inception and has received the SEI Director’s Award for Excellence, the SEI Software Engineering Process Management Director’s award for Quality Innovation, and an award from Boeing Corporation for innovation and leadership in software process improvement. He has more than thirty-five years of technical and management experience.

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