Shut Up & Love the Rain (DIY)-Robnoxious Sutter

  • Title: Shut Up & Love the Rain (DIY)
  • Author: Robnoxious Sutter
  • Released: 2010-09-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 1934620718
  • ISBN13: 978-1934620717
  • ASIN: 1934620718


Review "There’s a lot of value to be found in this digest sized book, at just $3 for 64 pages. It’s a mix of traditional comics with some essays, free form thought pieces, and interviews about sexual awakening in all its glorious permutations. Whether it’s about self-pleasure, the power and sensuality of sex, or more complex topics presented to any vanilla middle class sensibilities, the forthcoming nature of the writing is the strongest hook. Microcosm uses a bit of mission statement style text which indicates, and I’m paraphrasing, that they wish to 'empower the disenfranchised to nurture their creative side,' and this particular book is a great example of that ethos. More than anything, the stories relayed by the creator seek to engrain a sex-positive vs. sex-negative culture, regardless of who’s having the sex, how they self-identify, how they choose to do it, who they choose to do it with, and what society-at-large’s perception of those attributes might be. It succeeds because it functions honestly, with care and compassion, and plenty of socially graceful articulation. In a way, it’s almost Rob’s life story told by way of his awakening sexuality and all of his varied experiences, including those of his family of origin that have touched him significantly. We learn that the truth is always in flux, as identity can be continually defined and redefined. From a technical standpoint, there are actually dozens of typos found in the book, including getting the name of a Yoshihiro Tatsumi book incorrect while reviewing it(!). However, the wide eyed figures are seen taking in the world around them without judgment, and their accepting faces remind us to love people and things in spite of our pre-conceived notions of perfection or normalcy. Grade A-."  —Poopsheet Foundation

"I just finished reading Robnoxious‘ zine Shut Up & Love the Rain and he managed to make my world a better place to live in the span it took me to read the stories he had to tell. I especially liked the comic stripes that told stories from his childhood, or rather his own private sexual-biography and education (actually let me re-phrase that, Rudimentary Rubbings, Early Attempts, and Romantic Sprout are all pretty freakin’ brilliant examples of storytelling/comics)."  —Cuntlove

"Took me by surprise, delivering a warm, charming family narrative that stayed with me for days afterward."  —Matt Fagan, Xerography Debt

"This is a personal exploration of all things queer by Robnoxious. It’s got cartoons about fooling around with body parts and ideas of all sorts. The stories are about his varied and unique perspectives when it comes not just to sexuality but everything else as well. Neither straight nor gay nor bi, Robnoxious simply identifies with queer and goes on to define this in a simple, yet straight forward way. To him the word queer simply means 'I am not normal' I like that. This is a well-written and very honest zine that does an excellent job at examining the grey areas of human sexuality and life."  —Randy Spaghetti

"Robnoxious brings us along as he walks us along through his path of experimentation that led to his now very sex-positive homosexuality. The most interesting part of to me was the interview with his parents after his father came out as transgender."  —410 Media

About the Author

Robnoxious Sutter is a cartoonist and the author of the zines 4 The $, Give Me a Dollar, Lyrics to My Days, Midwest Rain, Rain 2002, The Rain That Fell Last Night Made Me Fall in Love with You, The Secrets, and The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce. He is the author of the books 3: Collected Works by Robnoxious, The Fall of America, Open Eyes Unlock Doors, and Swallowed by the World. He lives in Weed, California.

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