40 Shades of Green: The Flynn Saga-

  • Title: 40 Shades of Green: The Flynn Saga
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  • Released: 2013-07-29
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  • Pages: 282
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  • ASIN: B00E8LQ3G2


Come with me on a journey across time and space. Across the landscape of 2001 Denver, Colorado, Ireland in the mid-1800's and Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900's, to meet the "40 Shades of Green".

Meet Michael Flynn, the frail, coughing 3 year old boy fleeing the Famine, and the English, in County Leitrim, making his way up to Amity Street from Brooklyn Harbor. Walk the streets as he and his father collect hawsers from the immigrant ships to sell for scrap. Listen to the sounds of the ships on the East River by his warehouse, the sounds of his horse-drawn wagon as he, now a teenager, collects old pots and pans from his neighbors to sell for scrap.

Watch the building of the Brooklyn Bridge with him as Michael Flynn rises from "Junk Man" to wealthy scrap metal industrialist. Take a good look now at his evolution to a canny Irish businessman in top hat, pin-striped suit and gold watch fob, "intimate" with senators and politicians of The Democratic Brooklyn Ring, equivalent of Tammany Hall, yet equally active and charitable in The Emerald Society, The St. Patrick's Society and The Knights of Columbus. Hear the humanitarian decision he made during The Great Depression, which in turn, made him a millionaire. Watch as he salvages anything metal, from submarines, Brooklyn "L" lines, to the USS Huntington and many other WWI destroyers, even buying, and then selling, the USS Normandy, back to the Navy as scrap for profit.

Told by his great-grand daughter, "40 Shades of Green" recounts also the events beyond his death at 88, how the now-stern Irishman, confined to bed with arthritis, moves up to Prospect Park, in Brooklyn's Park Slope, passing his global aluminum and steel window empire along to his sons and grandsons after WWI and WWII. Is the magic, talent and entrepreneurship of the family patriarch successfully passed down through the Flynn family, the "40 Shades of Green"?

No stranger to terrorism, read the surprise ending as the ever-agile Michael Flynn alters the destiny of the author herself. pdf
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