Screenwriting: History, Theory, and Practice-Steven Maras

  • Title: Screenwriting: History, Theory, and Practice
  • Author: Steven Maras
  • Released: 2009-04-22
  • Language:
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 1905674821
  • ISBN13: 978-1905674824
  • ASIN: 1905674821



An important and long-overdue contribution to the historiography of screenwriting,

(Oscar Michaels Real Time Arts No 91, July 2009)

For film scholars and especially film historians, the rigour and attention to detail in the discussion of the history and evolution of screenwriting practice is invaluable.

(Harry Kirchner Screening the Past 10/10/2009)

...offers ways of thinking about the script beyond simply the blueprint version.

(Nina Seja Media International Australia No 136, August 2012)

...should prove a seminal text for the study of screenwriting.

(Adam Ganz Journal of Screenwriting Vol 1, No 1, 2010)

If you want to think seriously about screenwriting, you ought to pick this one up.

(Tom Stempel Slant Magazine 1/5/2010)

Steven Maras' achievement is to set out a number of parameters and future signposts for focusing "on less well understood aspects of screen discourse", to raise the bar on informed exchanges that acknowledge these little understood aspects.

(Maryella Hatfield Global Media Journal Vol 3, No 2) --This text refers to the edition.


In a remarkable feat of research the author sets out to problematize our understanding of what a script is and what screenwriting involves. The approach is predominantly archeological—the author searches back through history, through the manuals, guide books, publications and other documents in order to establish how many different (and often conflictual) meanings these terms have had. As such it is a study of the discourse(s) of or about screenwriting, a cinema history book, looking at the different ways the script has been positioned in the film industry from the dawn of the twentieth century to today. On this level, the book gives the reader great, exceptional insight. It is lucid and well-expressed, with an original way of dealing with its subject, building on ideas from previous scholars but elaborating them further than has been done before. This is a work of real value and importance and is a great Wallflower book.

(Adrian Martin, Monash University ) pdf
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