The Get-Started Guide to M-Commerce and Mobile Technology-Danielle Zilliox

  • Title: The Get-Started Guide to M-Commerce and Mobile Technology
  • Author: Danielle Zilliox
  • Released: 2002-06-03
  • Language:
  • Pages: 250
  • ISBN: 0814471307
  • ISBN13:
  • ASIN: B00F6G8DJI


Review For businesses looking for a forthright presentation of the mobile basics, Zillox's is the place to get started -- The Columbus Dispatch

Book Description

"PDAs, Internet phones, web pads -- wireless is here in a big way. But just because potential customers have ""unplugged"" themselves doesn’t mean you can’t reach them. The best news is, you don’t need a lot of computer expertise to capitalize on the snowballing mobile commerce trend.

The Get-Started Guide to M-Commerce is a nontechnical, easy-to-use introduction that takes you and your company through the strategic, technical, and marketing processes crucial to transforming your business into a mobile-market success story. From deciding whether or not to “go mobile” to the do’s and don’ts of implementing m-commerce technology, this accessible guide offers a reader-friendly overview of issues like:

* Evaluating multiple m-commerce options

* Adapting HTML for the possibilities and limitations of mobile device displays

* Creating HDTML and WAP pages

* Guaranteeing secure transactions and customer privacy

and many more, including how to shift to wireless internal networking, and how to advertise your business to customers on the move."

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