Expedition and Wilderness Medicine-

  • Title: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
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  • Released: 2013-08-12
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  • Pages: 772
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Review "An excellent resource for expedition medical officers; however, even non-medical wilderness travelers will benefit greatly from the book's many valuable discussions on wilderness travel and wilderness medical care. ... Whether part of an organized rescue group yourself or just an armchair rescue enthusiast, such books call attention to the dangers of wilderness misadventure and can only serve to improve the overall safety of both you and your companions while participating in various outdoor activities."
--Danny A. Brass, PRS

"This sweeping, multi-authored text is an excellent resource for expedition medical officers traveling off the grid in remote, resource-limited environments; however even nonmedical expedition members interested in the management of wilderness-related emergencies or urban disasters will benefit from the valuable information provided...Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through professionals/practitioners."

"Clear exposition of core material, combined with generous referencing of more specialized tomes and electronic resources, increases the value of this fine work. The editors have done an excellent job of pulling together a book with coverage that is both broad and deep. The consequence is a large textbook - not one to pack in a travel bag on an expedition, but one that deserves a place on the shelf as a reference book for those who are drawn to the practice of expedition and wilderness medicine."
--New England Journal of Medicine

"A valuable resource to medical providers who care for or are preparing for care in unique environments. It is a comprehensive text that should be consulted prior to travels and one that should serve as a resource in established medical clinics in remote locations."
--Annals of Emergency Medicine

Book Description Health care professionals now seek training in the specialty of wilderness medicine in order to cope with the health risks faced when far removed from professional care resources. This book covers everything a prospective field physician or medical consultant needs to prepare for when beginning an expedition. pdf
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