The Firefly Dictionary of Plant Names: Common and Botanical-Harold Bagust

  • Title: The Firefly Dictionary of Plant Names: Common and Botanical
  • Author: Harold Bagust
  • Released: 2003-02-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 440
  • ISBN: 1552976025
  • ISBN13: 978-1552976029
  • ASIN: 1552976025


Review Well-organized, handy... This dictionary is a useful reference work; the list of epithets alone makes for interesting browsing, just as to speculate on the derivations of names. (Elizabeth Tremulis Current Books on Gardening and Botany [Chicago Bot 200404)

Worthwhile. (Diane Schmidt American Reference Books Annual, Volume 35 2004)

At last we can interpret what other gardeners mean. This book goes straight to my reference shelf. (Margaret C. Crooks Asbury Park Press 20030515)

Finding out about plants by either their common or botanical names is easy with this book. (Michelle J. Mills Pasadena Star-News 20030705)

An excellent quick reference book ... designed to meet the needs of plant lovers. (Steve Whysall Vancouver Sun 20030517)

One is certain to find the names of plants recommended ... an extremely handy reference tool. (Floral and Nursery Times 20030514)

If the only thing one needs to discover is a plant's common or botanical name, Bagust's book is quite valuable. (John Charles Library Journal 20030615)

A book that belongs on every serious gardener's bookshelf. (Suzanne Hively Cleveland Plain Dealer 20030403)

Covers most of the common garden plants... a useful, inexpensive purchase. (Diane C. Schmidt E-Streams 200309)

The best guide I've found to botanical and common names... small enough to carry to and from the garden centre (Robert Howard Hamilton Specator 20030918)

The dictionary's virtue as a quick reference guide, along with its small size and waterproof jacket, make it a good companion for all gardening adventures. (Hayley Stephens Canadian Gardening 200405)

About the Author

Harold Bagust is a well known gardener with over 60 years' experience growing and studying plants. A regular contributor to international gardening journals and broadcasts, he is an expert on pelargoniums and the author of seven books, including The Gardener's Dictionary of Horticultural Terms.

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