Colonel Sanders and the American Dream (Discovering America)-Josh Ozersky

  • Title: Colonel Sanders and the American Dream (Discovering America)
  • Author: Josh Ozersky
  • Released: 2012-04-15
  • Language:
  • Pages: 156
  • ISBN: 0292723822
  • ISBN13: 978-0292723825
  • ASIN: 0292723822


Review From the book: "The youthful public, polled in 2010, were woefully ignorant in thinking that Colonel Sanders was not a real person. Had he not been, the contrast between his identity and his image, his violent temper and hotblooded fits of anger, and the cool, dispassionate, and reckless way he and the company he founded were treated by the corporations for so many years would not be so poignant. The Colonel, whose ambition knew no bounds and whose stubborn, ineradicable sense of self survived even his own apotheosis, did, in fact live the American Dream. He transcended his own limitations and the conditions of his birth. But in retrospect, it was his greatest triumph, and his best legacy, that he didn't transcend them completely. He continues to represent a very real time, place, product, and person, and his icon is hollow without the man behind it." Review: "Food writer, Josh Ozersky has written a very good business book. He profiles the many colossal failures of the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Harlan Sanders, and the success he had at 65 creating KFC. It is a true life Death of a Salesman as Sanders works tirelessly to build something - anything that will raise him from his humble beginnings." - Julia McMichael, San Francisco Book Review

About the Author Josh Ozersky is a James Beard Award–winning food writer and cultural historian, the author most recently of The Hamburger: A History. He writes on society and food for Time magazine and has written frequently for New York Magazine, the New York Times, Saveur, and numerous other publications. Among his other books are Archie Bunker's America: TV in an Era of Change, 1968–1978 and Meat Me in Manhattan: A Carnivore's Guide to Manhattan. pdf
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