Principles of Public Speaking (17th Edition)-Bruce E. Gronbeck, Kathleen M. German, Douglas Ehninger (Late), Alan H. Monroe (Late)

  • Title: Principles of Public Speaking (17th Edition)
  • Author: Bruce E. Gronbeck, Kathleen M. German, Douglas Ehninger (Late), Alan H. Monroe (Late)
  • Released: 2009-01-25
  • Language:
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 0205653960
  • ISBN13: 978-0205653966
  • ASIN: 0205653960


From the Back Cover Key features with this edition include:
  • An emphasis on orality as a central experience in contemporary society shows how oral, face-to-face communication constitutes the core of human relations and culture. The idea of orality is introduced in Chapter 1 and the following chapters develop the mechanisms whereby speechmaking builds the bonds of society.
  • Coverage of social responsibility of both speakers and listeners in a variety of situations begins with the National Communication Association Credo for Ethical Communication and features discussions of ethical communication throughout the text.
  • An emphasis on technology as a resource for speakers features expanded coverage of electronic resources, a special section of the book that highlights ways the Web helps with speech construction and presentation, and “Using the Web” activities.
  • A complete overview of the speech-making process early in the text (Ch.2) encourages readers to start speaking right away.   
  • An extensive discussion on using PowerPoint slides helps the reader design exciting, eye-catching slides as well as offers strategies for incorporating them seamlessly into your presentation. 
  • “Speaking of Skills” boxes presents the reader with useful advice and practical applications of core concepts.
  • “Speaking of Ethics” boxes present ethical dilemmas in public speaking and asks the reader to think critically about what they would do in certain situations.
  • “Speaking of Apprehension” boxes helps the reader directly confront the greatest challenge—speech anxiety—with effective tips for overcoming fear.
  • Useful pedagogy helps the reader better understand and apply the material to their own speeches:
    • Chapter Outline
    • Chapter Summary
    • Key Terms
    • Assessment Activities
    • “Using the Web” Activities
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