Our Character, Our Future-George Grant

  • Title: Our Character, Our Future
  • Author: George Grant
  • Released: 1996-04-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 0310208165
  • ISBN13: 978-0310208167
  • ASIN: 0310208165


From Keyes, the first black Republican presidential candidate in living memory, stresses the social agenda--abortion, homosexuality, welfare reform, religion. He cites not the Bible for authority as much as the Declaration of Independence, especially its assertion that human rights are "endowed by our Creator," not by political or personal fiat. He wants to restore moral order in the republic and personal responsibility in the citizen. This collection of 4 speeches and 31 revised newspaper columns shows that he is not just a Jeremiah crying doom for America if it doesn't repent; he has cogent things to say about welfare, health care, campaign costs, and other practical public matters. He is very confused about gay rights, he wears partisan blinders when critiquing the Clinton administration, and he can stumble grammatically over his own rhetoric. But when he rounds on materialism and decries the worship of consumption by economist, politician, and citizen alike, this so-called conservative speaks the sentiments of a great many so-called liberals, too. Ray Olson

From the Back Cover On February 19, 1995, Dr. Alan Keyes' fiery speech at the Annual State Republican Dinner in New Hampshire drew repeated, thunderous ovations. Three days later, his impassioned appeal for moral courage was broadcast on "Focus on the Family," igniting the hearts of listeners across America and generating a landslide of requests for re-airing. From the famed Republican Dinner speech to his various columns and essays, Dr. Keyes has been an articulate and passionate spokesman for faith, convictions of a man zealous enough to resist the tug of political convenience and courageous enough to insist that moral issues take center-stage in the political debate. Alan Keyes pierces through the ethical haze of our time and calls us to stand up for the truth, knowing that "you cannot have the right to do wrong." pdf
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