Petra: A Travelers Guide-Rosalyn Maqsood, Ann Jousiffe

  • Title: Petra: A Travelers Guide
  • Author: Rosalyn Maqsood, Ann Jousiffe
  • Released: 2003-02-07
  • Language:
  • Pages: 262
  • ISBN: 1859641474
  • ISBN13: 978-1859641477
  • ASIN: 1859641474


Review "Petra: A Traveller’s Guide is a comprehensive key to the ancient abode of the Nabateans, one of the lost cities of the ancient world. This handsomely illustrated paperback offers history, help in planning your trip, how to get there from Amman or Aqaba, useful phrases and addresses, and 12 walking tours, plus an overnight itinerary. Also practical advise how to survive: using the non-existent toilet, dealing with insects, going Bedouin, resisting romantic encounters with the natives, and proper behavior and dress."

About the Author Rosalyn Maqsood has travelled widely through the Holy Land and the Middle East, but has a particular affection for Jordan and its people. She has travelled extensively around Petra as the guest of a generous Bedouin, and so has a detailed knowledge of the area. She is the author of numerous books on Islam and religious studies, and has a particular insight into Jordan s local history, culture and traditions. As an Englishwoman abroad, her practical tips and advice will be particularly welcome to Western travellers.

Ann Jousiffe was an experienced journalist, photographer and writer of travel guides. Her previous publications include Lebanon (Lonely Planet, 1998) and contributing chapters to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon (Lonely Planet, 1999) and North Africa (Lonely Planet, 1998). Sadly, she passed away before this book was published. pdf
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