A Parents' Guide to Moving With Children (Parenting Pointers)-

  • Title: A Parents' Guide to Moving With Children (Parenting Pointers)
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  • Released: 2010-09-06
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  • Pages: 9
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  • ASIN: B00427ZJ30


Moving affects all children emotionally, regardless of their age, level of maturity or how well they seem to be handling it. Moving even a short distance disrupts families. Parents have more to worry about, greater responsibilities to handle and more work to do. Life becomes temporarily unpredictable for children until the move is completed. All family members are forced to make adjustments and everyone experiences increased stress. Even children who are too young to understand what moving really means can sense changes in how other family members are feeling and behaving and can be affected by them. Children who experience difficulty dealing with their feelings about a move may show it in different ways. Some may become quiet, withdrawn and less active. Others may become angry, negative and complaining – even fearful. They may have trouble sleeping, experience nightmares and become reluctant to leave home or to separate from their parents. They may lose interest in friends and activities they previously enjoyed or exhibit a drop in their school performance. Studies also show that children who move frequently and unexpectedly tend to experience academic difficulties, have trouble making close friends and display behavioral problems at home and school.
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