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An experiential piece in the Stock Market trading. A different kind of material for would be traders. It is presented in layman's form that can be understandable by those in the midstream, or those individuals who want to venture in the stock market but are afraid to do so, due to lack of funding, afraid to tackle the intelligence of the elite or the affluent, not much idea how the wealthy capitalize on the market, and for some other reasons. This 'piece' is for the individuals, the least opportune, who wants to get involved in the market but are intimidated by the persona of the Wall Streeters. The objective of this 'book' is purely for comparison, seeking some answers, finding ways or solutions, exposing hidden truths, acquiring ideas, or things that are not disseminated to the masses, intended for would be traders who don't have much capital, no access to expensive seminars, not much information how to do trading on your own without using any (or much) money. Only time and effort, a commitment and a willingness to do hard work. The sections consists the following: About the Introduction: Welcoming America; The Scope: What This Piece Is All About; The Decision: Trading or Investing?, It's All Up To Me (or You); The Challenge: The Harder I Trade, The Unluckier I Am?; The Findings: When Technicals Collides, Confusions Begins; The Results: Countering Failures, Preparation and Planning; The Trading Rules and Guides; The Tactic/Setup/Execution Plan: Trade-in-Between; The Daily Trading Pledge and Plan; The Trading Platform; The Trading Book Sources; The References: Timeless Stock Market Quotes and Passages; The Learning Themes in Trading; The Psychological Themes in Trading; The Pitfall Themes in Trading; The Success Themes in Trading. pdf
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