The Diary of a De-cluttering Junkie: Episode 3 (The Diary of a Decluttering Junkie)-

  • Title: The Diary of a De-cluttering Junkie: Episode 3 (The Diary of a Decluttering Junkie)
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  • Released: 2013-09-03
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  • Pages: 56
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  • ASIN: B00EZ80RR4


Kaye Harper has had it–utterly fed up with the constant junk that clutters her life. So, armed with a stack of books that each guarantees to teach her the secret of living a clutter-free life, Kaye embarks on a journey that takes her from clutter bug to clutter free–and beyond.

Her family doesn’t know what to think of her and her. While Jacob does enjoy the streamlined beauty of his new life, he is also just as frustrated as their sons as Kaye goes from clean up to clear out–including treasured possessions.

Who knew that what started out as a survival technique would become an addiction?

Episode Three: Kaye finds that it's much easier to get things organized and streamlined than it is to keep them that way. The living room gets an "up do" and even Jacob loves the improvement.

However, her new scrapping friends are a little tired of her rhapsodies on the virtues of streamlined living and Purrlock gives her reason to consider de-cluttering "family" members as well.

Tensions mount in the Harper household as Kaye discovers that much of her identity is wrapped up in being a "bargain hunter."

But when Kaye tackles--albeit unintentionally--one of the worst rooms in the house as she searches for an attachment to her mixer, tempers flare and explode, leaving hurt feelings scattered throughout the house. pdf
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