Messages From Jesus: A Dialogue of Love-Mary Ann Johnston

  • Title: Messages From Jesus: A Dialogue of Love
  • Author: Mary Ann Johnston
  • Released: 2004-03-29
  • Language:
  • Pages: 300
  • ISBN: 1577331486
  • ISBN13: 978-1577331483
  • ASIN: 1577331486


From the Author Authors Note
Song of the Morning is a yoga retreat, nestled deep in the silence and beauty of a Michigan forest. My husband and I built our home in the nurturing space of a new spiritual community here. It is from this peaceful, woodland setting that I write.

Most children lose their ability to see spirit beings or invisible friends. They realize that others can't see them, and they tend to slowly let go of the things grown-ups never saw or have long since forgotten. Or maybe parents and peers tell them how silly they are, so they block out such subtle experiences from their awareness.

As a young child, I was very close to Jesus. he was my invisible friend. All I had to do was think of Him and He would be there and we would communicate through "heart talk" or just be silent. I soon realized that others could not see Jesus and considered me strange when I spoke of our companionship. I loved His nearness and found comfort in His presence, but I learned to keep these experiences to myself. Jesus never faded from my awareness during all my growing up years and as an adult. He continues to be my friend and companion today.

In my openness to the spirit world, I was eventually made aware of having the gift of spiritual healing. I was raised as a conservative Lutheran and did not have much knowledge of such things. I was working as a traveling occupational therapist in hospitals, outpatient clinics and other settings, and the healing ability just appeared. I had a hard time dealing with my new role. I felt separated from my church family. Still, this was not something I could keep secret. This was God's work and could not be set aside.

Then I had a powerful awakening, upon which I became more aware of spirit. I began writing poetry describing my experiences--blissful energies flowing through me, visions of great beauty, deeper understandings, ethereal fragrances, love, oneness. But this awakening separated me even more from those who don't want to hear about things they don't understand. So, I came to live at the Retreat to be able to commune with God and Jesus in an accepting environment. It was here that I met my present husband, who values spiritual matters as I do.

In 2002, Jesus told me I should write books. My relationship with Him was no longer just a personal one. It became all-encompassing and includes all of you who read this dialogue. Jesus is speaking through many others at this time in history and His messages are both timely and timeless. In Messages from Jesus, He discusses threats to our health, safety, and environment that didn't exist before. He presents spiritual concepts that few could have understood two thousand years ago. But He also enables us to more fully comprehend the timeless truths He lived and taught at that time. Many people have informed us that this book has given them comfort, hope, and strength for meeting daily challenges, deepened their understanding of truth, answered many of their questions, and helped them be more loving and forgiving.

In Messages from Jesus, Jesus often addresses me with the endearments "Saint Ta" or Brave Heart," but even when it seems as if He is speaking just to me, please remember that our dialogue was meant for everyone. Jesus said to me, "Even if the sharing seems to be concentrated on you, it is not about you. Disown it. Your sharing is about what these writings will do for others."

So now I share with you what is very sacred to me: my experiences with Jesus and His messages of truth and love. --This text refers to an alternate edition.

From the Inside Flap "Dearest Mary Ann, I am forever grateful to have experienced your extraordinary presence last February during a Unity service, in Flagstaff, AZ. On that particular Sunday, I was relieved of my childcare responsibilities and was kindly directed into the service. To this day I still reflect back on your words, your singing, your healing abilities and especially your gift of love. You are a gift from God. Never before have my eyes seen so much love radiate from one person.

"In the past, it has been easy for me to be moved by God's greatness through the beauty of nature and Mother Earth, yet not so easy through the sufferings of mankind. However, since you were placed in my life on that memorable Sunday, I can now see God's greatness through human sufferings. I don't know exactly how this happened but you have changed the way I look at life in this physical plane.

"Thank you for finding the energy to write your book; it never leaves my bedside. When my heart can no longer bear to feel the suffering that is all around us, I just think of your special gift of love and know that all is well."
--Blessings to you, Susan Hunter, Flagstaff, AZ --This text refers to an alternate edition. pdf
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