Bodies in the Bay-Robert Aulicino, Inc. Arrow Hunt Publishing, Ann Bartel, Randy Fisher, Mason L. Ramsey

  • Title: Bodies in the Bay
  • Author: Robert Aulicino, Inc. Arrow Hunt Publishing, Ann Bartel, Randy Fisher, Mason L. Ramsey
  • Released: 1999-11-10
  • Language:
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 0966639006
  • ISBN13: 978-0966639001
  • ASIN: 0966639006


Review "The book's intensity and ability to place readers at the scene make it hard to put down." -- The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, May 14, 2000

"What makes the book more compelling is that the story is based on real events." -- The DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL, June 2, 2000


Sarah Durand - AVON Editorial. "This is a gripping story, and I greatly enjoyed reading it."

Steven J. Pincus - President, Pincushion (P.E.I. International) Publishing. "This Novel is Definitely a page turner."

Terry Dawson, The ABACUS GROUP; "Bodies.. is a credible story line, and has a definite shot of making it to the screen."

John B. Bissell, STATE of the ART, LTD; "This is a book with potential to attract the reading population to its pages."

Michelle Burton Brown, Managing Editor - STERLING HOUSE PUBLISHER; "I am extremely confident that Bodies in the Bay will be favorably received."

John Fremont, Senior Editor, CYPRESS HOUSE PUBLISHER; "Donny is as evil a character as I've ever encountered."

Cynthia Sterling, President- STERLING HOUSE PUBLISHER; "Bodies in the Bay is well written and has commercial sales appeal, it should do well."

Karen Fassett, PORTLAND, OREGON. "WOW! What a gripping read. I abandoned my chores and didn't even touch my computer. I couldn't put the book down."

Gail Spesock, PARKER, COLORADO. "I had begun two other novels from Grisham and Koontz, but finished Bodies in the Bay in five hours. I couldn't put it down and was totally engrossed."

Joanne Barney, AURORA, COLORADO. "It was an absolutely engrossing read. Fabulous."

Vicki Curren, DENVER, COLORADO. "Extremely good reading, I liked it very much"

Paul Schneider, WESTMINISTER, COLORADO. "I thought this book was great. I wish there were another hundred pages."

Lois Ferrette, CASPER, WYOMING. "This book really kept my interest, and I finished it very quickly. It was very well written."

Tina Taylor, LONDON, ENGLAND. "The writing makes you feel for the victims, and want revenge on the murderer."

Alana Rheeb - DENVER CASH REGISTER. "I could feel their emotions and anxiety as I became engrossed in the writing."

Laura Fallmeir - WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA. "I couldn't believe how well this book read. It was like watching a movie."

Nancy Smith, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. "I was on the edge of my seat and had a hard time putting it down. I almost missed Thanksgiving with my family because of this book."

Betty Birt, DETROIT, MICHIGAN. "I was amazed at how fast I became hooked in reading this novel. The murder scenes left me with the feeling of being there on the boat. It was scary! I felt that it could have been me."

William Duffy, SANDY, UTAH. "As an aspiring screenplay writer, I was caught up in the novel as it unfolded like a movie before my eyes. It was a vivid display of writing. I was hooked."

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