Training the Swat Trainer: Legal Mandates and Practical Suggestions for Improving Police Tactical Performance-Tomas C. Mijares, Marcus L. "Sandy" Wall

  • Title: Training the Swat Trainer: Legal Mandates and Practical Suggestions for Improving Police Tactical Performance
  • Author: Tomas C. Mijares, Marcus L. "Sandy" Wall
  • Released: 2012-04-16
  • Language:
  • Pages: 184
  • ISBN: 0398087199
  • ISBN13: 978-0398087197
  • ASIN: 0398087199


Few areas in American law enforcement are characterized by the frequency, quality, and magnitude of innovations as the advances found in tactical operations. To introduce new equipment and methods during an actual operation without adequate instruction, assessment, preparation, and practice not only invites failure but also subjects an entire organizational chain of command to preventable criticism and avoidable litigation. The purpose of this manual is to introduce police instructional personnel to the legal, administrative, and safety issues associated with this very critical area of police training. Its purpose is not to create a cookbook approach to tactical training or even develop a better instructional cadre but rather to present the guidelines to mitigate litigation both at the individual and organizational levels through a proactive approach to the occasional criticism directed toward police tactical training. Major topics include: the SWAT instructor, establishing learning goals and objectives and writing lesson plans, engaging the student, presenting the material, training aids and facilities, the need for continuous training and evaluation, documentation, adhering to standards of the profession, and special considerations of training in defense tactics. The book's recurring theme is the warning that any technique, tactic, or new technology taught by an instructor must be applied in a manner that is consistent with existing organizational policy, state and federal legislation, and relevant case law. Substantial legal and operational guidelines are provided that are needed by tactical leaders to develop and improve their leadership skills and tactical success. Additionally, the appendices contain a wealth of information regarding state law enforcement regulatory agencies; national, regional, and state tactical officer associations; sample lesson plans, including evaluation drills; instructor evaluation questionnaire; and curriculum evaluation.
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