Web-Based Dissemination System for the Trusted Computing Exemplar Project-

  • Title: Web-Based Dissemination System for the Trusted Computing Exemplar Project
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • ASIN: B007OM1H9A


Open dissemination of the Trusted Computing Exemplar (TCX) project is needed. This dissemination must include methods to provide secure web access to project material, integrity verification of data, and group-based access controls. Because previously developed dissemination systems do not meet these requirements, a hybrid web-based dissemination system is necessary. The development of the TCX Dissemination System requirements involved the analysis of assumptions, threats, policies, and security objectives for the system and its environment based on the Common Criteria methodology. The requirements yielded a design specification that included a dissemination application that uses XML capabilities for redaction and preparation of releasable materials. This led to the creation of an initial implementation to satisfy a subset of the TCX dissemination requirements. Future work was identified for a subsequent implementation that fulfills additional project requirements. The complete implementation of the dissemination environment described in this thesis will provide a seamless dissemination interface for the TCX project. The Dissemination System provides an example of how controlled information can be organized and made available on the web. When combined with TCX project results, it supports the assured information sharing objectives of the Department of Defense Global Information Grid vision. pdf
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