Food Culture in Central America (Food Culture around the World)-

  • Title: Food Culture in Central America (Food Culture around the World)
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  • Released: 2008-12-31
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  • Pages: 173
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  • ASIN: B0038OLOTQ



"For high school students and general readers, McDonald (anthropology, Florida Gulf Coast U.) describes the food culture of Central America, with discussion of the region's history, geography, and climate, major foods and ingredients, cooking techniques, typical meals and cuisine in specific areas, eating out, special occasions and festivals, and diet and health, including malnutrition, hunger, anemia, obesity, and food aid programs. Recipes are included."


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"This book is recommended for public and academic libraries' Mexican and Latin American collections, especially in the Southwestern and Western United States, for a better understanding of these cultures."



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Forget the French fries and choose platanos fritoS≪/i> (deep-fried plantains) to accompany that burger. Start your meal with anafreS≪/i>, a Honduran refried black bean and cheese fondue. Treat yourself to some Guatemalan eloteS≪/i>, roasted ears of corn seasoned with butter, cheese, salt, lime juice, and chili powder. These are just a few examples from the Central American cuisines making inroads across the United States.

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