Speak the Language of Healing: Living With Breast Cancer Without Going to War-Carol Orsborn, Susan Kuner, Linda Quigley, Karen Stroup

  • Title: Speak the Language of Healing: Living With Breast Cancer Without Going to War
  • Author: Carol Orsborn, Susan Kuner, Linda Quigley, Karen Stroup
  • Released: 1999-10-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 221
  • ISBN: 1573241687
  • ISBN13: 978-1573241687
  • ASIN: 1573241687


One woman in four will be diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of her life, yet the current language of cancer therapy is profoundly unfeminine, urging patients to take a macho stance and fight the "battle" of their lives. Many women say this military terminology makes them feel like they are at war with themselves, and that those who survive the competition are winners and those who die are losers.

Speak the Language of Healing seeks to offer readers a new, replacement language of healing and learning. It contains a study guide with exercises and questions to be used as each chapter is read and shares the stories and insights of four baby boomers who were treated for breast cancer. Susan, Carol, Linda, and Karen hail from different spiritual backgrounds--one is Christian, one Jewish, one Sufi, and one 12-Step--but each sought to use cancer as a catalyst for a deeper understanding of life. These women suggest that one can take a spiritual journey through cancer and in the process gain a greater appreciation for the sacredness of each breath.

Hailed by Richard Carlson, author of , as "a thought-provoking must-read about the 'big stuff'," it's a wonderful resource for women with breast cancer--and for interested individuals who want to learn a new way of offering support to those who are ill. --Nancy Monson

From Publishers Weekly Rejecting the pervasive medical view of cancer treatment as a "war" against illness, four women with breast cancer offer holistic perspectives on the processes of treatment, healing and renewal. Drawing on their diverse spiritual backgrounds (Orsborn is Jewish and a student of Eastern philosophy; Kuner studied with a Sufi teacher; Quigley has undergone 12-Step programs; and Stroup is a Christian minister), the authors have crafted a framework that allows women to view their cancer as part of an encounter with their deepest selves. They postulate five stages through which "initiates" travel on the journey from fear to acceptance: impact, chaos, choices, community and spirit. As each author relates her experiencesAsuch as confronting fears of death, pain and isolation, choosing between mainstream and alternative therapies and enduring the loss of hair, self-esteem, friends and, in once case a fianc?Ashe suggests ways to counter the prevailing view of doctors and patients that patients who "fight back" stand the greatest chance of being healed, that survivors are "winners" and those who die have lost their "battles." Readers at any stage of breast cancer treatment will likely take comfort from the authors' spiritual emphasis. Agent, Linda Roghaar. (Oct.) FYI: A portion of the proceeds from the books sold will go to breast cancer research.
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