RESPONSES to Lift Your Spirit-

  • Title: RESPONSES to Lift Your Spirit
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  • Released: 2012-09-02
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  • Pages: 365
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There are lessons and universal truths to pull from even the most tragic of life events. And those lessons while, in some cases, are deeply personal, can have significant impact on thoughts, beliefs, and even hopes and dreams. Sometimes it’s a mix of all of those things–the gestalt that in essences makes up an individual’s personal philosophy. For those of us that have led even moderately long lives… we have experiences that are so heartfelt, events and things done by us… and to us… that both good and bad have made a substantial impact on our life. They shaped who we are right now. They shape how we think and feel.

Many people lead lives of quiet courage. They have dealt with some of the harshest experiences humans can have inflicted on them–and survived to lead a productive and positive life. We common people have extraordinary capabilities to rise above despair and disaster… to take what we’ve learned and use it to improve not only our own lives but that of others. That’s the beauty in sharing wisdom handed down through the ages… that’s the beauty of having it written down… within those words are the beauty of the human spirit.

RESPONSES is about sharing scripture that speaks to specific times and topics in our lives. It’s about the strength and power in those words to trigger healing and hope in all of us. pdf
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