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  • Title: Brays: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases
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  • Released: 2008-11-26
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Go therefore, dame, the justice tell His summons I'll obey; And further you may let him know I Vicar am of Bray.
–Charles Mackay (editor) in Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684.

Whatever I can say or do, I'm sure not much avails; I stall still be Vicar of Bray Whichever side prevails.
–Charles Mackay (editor) in Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684.

In his delight he lifted up his voice and brayed, but then every one knew him, and his owner came up and gave him a sound cudgelling for the fright he had caused.
–Aesop in Aesop's Fables.

VI He by one leg the heavy trunk in air Upheaved, and made a mace the rest to bray.
–Ludovico Ariosto in Orlando Furioso.

A rapid change passed over Mrs. Bray on the instant her visitor left the room.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.

As Mrs. Bray was writing out these numbers the clock on the mantel struck five.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.

Fanny Bray gave me five dollars to go a half on each row.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.

For three or four blocks Mrs. Bray kept her in view; but there being only a few persons in the street, she had to remain at a considerable distance behind, so as not to attract her attention.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.

It was Bray; if not, why the anxiety to make her believe it Gray? And this woman had been her nurse. It was plain, also, that money was being paid for keeping secret.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.

Mrs. Bray stood very quit and with scarcely a change of countenance until this outburst of passion had subsided. She was still holding the money she had taken from Mrs. Dinneford.
–T.S. Arthur in Cast Adrift.
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