Relapse Prevention for Sexual Harassers-

  • Title: Relapse Prevention for Sexual Harassers
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  • Released: 2002-08-29
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  • Pages: 154
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  • ASIN: B000WOU400


Relapse Prevention for Sexual Harassers is the first volume specifically devoted to describing effective interventions. Theoretically and empirically based, this clinical manual conceptualizes sexual harassment as a form of sexual abuse, and presents a treatment program based on the tested principles of relapse prevention. Using a stepped care approach, it describes how misinformation about sexual harassment impacts the harasser, and describes how to work with cognitive distortions, seeming irrelevant decisions, high-risk situations and lifestyle balance and myth acceptance and details specific interventions for these problems.
Geared for the mental health clinician, and a useful resource for the human resources professional, this manual emphasizes skills and techniques as well as providing abundant examples from case transcripts. The interventions it presents can be also be applied to a range of psychological problems. pdf
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