One Stands Alone-Richard A. Smith

  • Title: One Stands Alone
  • Author: Richard A. Smith
  • Released: 2000-08-30
  • Language:
  • Pages: 140
  • ISBN: 1884778879
  • ISBN13: 978-1884778872
  • ASIN: 1884778879


Review -risks, fears,aches, losses,humanity, inhumanity;effort,frustration;hopes, hopes dashed. -insider's view of what street officer's do, and what it does to them. -- Durham Morning Herald Jan.10,2001

He takes his readers through jail hostage situations,undercover drug buys,car chases,shootings, and a growing problem in the law enforcement community-divorce. -- The Courier Times-Roxboro, NC Dec.2,2000

It reflects the inside life, behind the scenes look from an inexperianced "new kid on the block" into a seasoned, hardened 18 year veteran. -- Daily Advance- Dec.14,2000 Elizabeth City, NC

Very hard book to put down! -- Ralph D. Smith

Very much to the point; humorous at times; times you felt like you were on the street yourself... -- Diane Currin

Your book belongs right up there with the best! I have a hard time putting it down! -- TG, Jersey City, NJ

a bumpy ride through the justice system; jailor, patrol, working undercover, to patrolling at a time when violence was surging in the 1990's -- News& Observer-Raleigh, NC Dec.28,2000

From the Author The author has made every attempt to let people know about the personal stresses of a law enforcement officer. He has also been credited for creating awareness of the disease RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)of which almost 2 million people suffer in the U.S. pdf
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