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How many people could have imagined that an author could spawn a book that, while raising the curtain on the dark side of the system, at the same time lifts another one that is much bigger, which includes all of human society? This book actually achieved that and more, venturing a solution to all the evils that smacks of occult resistance, a partisan for some, subversive for others.
According to this book, the solution to the world’s evils does not lie with the institutions, often corrupt and made of corruptible men, or with journalism, which is corruptible too and frequently factious, but with the initiative of a few individuals who break the rules, raising the level of the game to heights that many consider only science fiction.
Of course, institutions are also made of people who are very honest and dedicated to upholding the law, with a clear vision of what is good and what is not. However, there are few tools available to them and they are often made rigid by the same regulations that are supposed to act as guidelines. Likewise, there are also journalists dedicated to the truth without compromise, but civil servants and journalists are increasingly playing on a field where the enemy can be inside and outside, above and below them, with their realizing it before it is too late.
This is how it all begins, with a man seeking the truth at all costs, a TRUE HACKER who attempts to discover secrets, without the defenses that would allow him to come out of it unscathed. Policemen, secret service agents, top men in medicine, and judges play on a field where the enemy, like a virus, has replicated itself, eating the tissue of the system that they defend.
Then the warrior enters the stage, in this case a Hacker. From a certain point of view, a true Hacker is the symbol of all that they fight against being at the same time their only hope of reaching the truth and the solution to everything. A Hacker is a necessary and indispensable evil in times of war, and only through his action – whose only limit is his very personal code of honor – can evil be fought and defeated.
This book creates a very precise profile of the dark warrior who in this century must be the master of what is quickly conquering the world: technology.
The book ends before it could get dangerous with future exploits, but it leaves with the taste of what might be and how many other evils The Hacker would be able to unveil to the entire world, applying his very private law of retaliation: becoming the equivalent of a karmic agent for all those who ruin the world with greed and hate.
Organ traffic, white slavery and the trading of human beings, eugenics, experiments with drugs and psycho-pharmaceuticals are only some of the great evils that a Hacker, through the Internet, would be able to unveil.
The Hacker exploits are only the stimulus for this book, providing the reader with a detailed explanation of how a true Hero uses skills and technology, aware that everyone of us, deep down, at least once in life, has wanted to be like him, or has wanted to destroy him.
Whoever of the two you may be, from whatever side of the fence you are on, there is one thing you need to know: there will always be a Hacker who in the solitude of his awareness, scorning all the risks, will fight our battles for us, even when we would like to burn him, and those like him, at the stake.
Finally, I must warn you about something. This is not a book on any hacker nor a monograph. The ventures of a tru Hacker have been only a stimulus, an unexpected cue to introduce several truly important issues on the unknown world of underground hacking, and to what extent this can touch and influence the increasingly populous “Internet Nation” pdf
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