Shadowbloom (Rhyme of the Willow)-

  • Title: Shadowbloom (Rhyme of the Willow)
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  • Released: 2011-12-01
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  • Pages: 292
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  • ASIN: B006G0WL0A



Rhyme of the Willow

(Book One)

When Axton and Aniva Rhyme were three years old, their parents
disappeared. There were no letters, no bodies, no explanations of any
kind - they had just vanished. All that remained was their car: a
vehicle crashed against a willow tree.

Now, thirteen years have passed, and with the appearance of a
woman with lime-green eyes and emerald vines for hair, Axton and Aniva
are drawn back to that same willow. A place awaits them through a veil
of foliage, full of plant wonders unlike anything they have ever
imagined. The twins will find a Garden full of thought-carrying
Linkroots, bone-crushing Tanglervines, spore-filled Pumpershrooms, and
berries from crimson Bloodvines . . .

Berries that will change a human into a fearsome Wild with just a single drop of juice.

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