The Compleat Day Trader, Second Edition-Jake Bernstein

  • Title: The Compleat Day Trader, Second Edition
  • Author: Jake Bernstein
  • Released: 2010-12-13
  • Language:
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0071663886
  • ISBN13: 978-0071663885
  • ASIN: 0071663886


From the Back Cover

About the Book

The good news is that you can make more money than ever, more quickly than ever in today's market--the bad news is that you can lose more money even faster! Never before has day trading been such an all-or-nothing game. Much has changed since The Compleat Day Trader was first published. Software is more powerful. Commissions are lower. Orders are executed at lightning speed. Markets never sleep. And, most important of all, stock and commodity markets are experiencing their most volatile period in history.

This new edition of The Compleat Day Trader addresses all these changes while retaining and significantly upgrading the bedrock tools and methods that have made it a classic in the field. You get a comprehensive overview and foundation on:

  • The essential aspects of developing day-trading strategies
  • Techniques for using momentum for timing and targets
  • The newest tools, including depth of market
  • The psychological pitfalls of trading--and how to avoid them
  • Tracking major news events to improve your day-in, day-out profit potential

In today's hyperactive, roller-coaster markets, you can’t be too prepared. Your decision making has to be spot-on every moment of the trading day, and you need to be working with the best tools available. The Compleat Day Trader is your first step to grabbing profits consistently in the high-stakes, high-profit-potential world of day trading.

About the Author Jake Bernstein has authored 42 books on trading, investing, investor psychology, and economic forecasting. Bernstein has developed a number of trading systems, including the Setup-Trigger-and-Follow-Through (STF) trading model, which has been adopted by traders throughout the world. He is the publisher of several investing newsletters, and his clients include some of the largest hedge funds, brokerage firms, market analysts, banks, and professional traders in the world. He lives in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

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