Child-Size Masterpieces - Transportation in America-G. P. Wolf

  • Title: Child-Size Masterpieces - Transportation in America
  • Author: G. P. Wolf
  • Released: 1992-05-10
  • Language:
  • Pages: 19
  • ISBN: 0939195054
  • ISBN13: 978-0939195053
  • ASIN: 0939195054


This beautifully printed volume is the seventh in the 8 book series, Child-size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation. This volume, compiled and authored by Gerald Wolf, contains 44 postcard-size art reproductions to be cut out and used for Step 8 of the program: using a timeline in art. By placing the images of transportation along a timeline, children are exposed to famous paintings while learning about the history of transportation in America. Carefully chosen to appeal to young children, the selections include a wide variety of styles. Appropriate for children ages 5-10 years. Each Art Card contains valuable information about the artist, painting and the mode of transportation depicted. Using the How to Use Child-size Masterpieces Handbook, also by Aline Wolf, is suggested.
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