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  • Released: 2008-11-26
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Fundamental, lastly, in Burke's power, is his philosophic insight, his faculty of correlating facts and penetrating below this surface, of viewing events in the light of their abstract principles, their causes and their inevitable results.
–Robert Huntington Fletcher in A History of English Literature.

The job is a big one but it is the only way to absolute and certain success, provided there is no mistake in the work of correlating events.
–Hans Gross in Criminal Psychology.

Many of Morgagni's contemporaries did not fully appreciate the change that was in progress, and the value of the new method of correlating the clinical symptoms and the morbid appearances.
–William Osler in The Evolution of Modern Medicine.

Nonfiction Usage

Journalism Usage

Alzheimer's - News: January 31, 2002 — Headline: Scientists Discover Early Diagnosis Tool for Alzheimer's. Excerpt: "We know that these plaques and tangles are correlating with the disease progression and are, in fact, accumulating not just years, but decades before the symptoms and signs are apparent to the family members," he said. "So, if we have a way to track these plaques and tangles, we have a way to track the disease early. And we have a way to start studying new treatments to clear them out of the brain."

Scientists - News: February 1, 2002 — Headline: Scientists Develop Cancer Predictor Methods. Excerpt: Netherlands Cancer Institute researcher Laura van't Veer and U.S. colleagues found the pattern by analyzing genes in 78 breast cancer tumors from women and correlating them with their later outcomes. "By looking at the gene activity pattern of 25,000 genes, we found that 70 genes could foretell whether a woman had a high chance to develop a distant metastasis, or whether there was a high chance that the disease would not come back," she says.

September's - News: May 31, 2002 — Headline: FBI: Unlikely 9-11 Terror Attacks Could Have Been Prevented. Excerpt: "Among the things that we want to do is to be more sensitive to our capacity to respond to the field," he said. "That's why, as I've described today, we want to enhance our analytic and coordinating, correlating capacity for all the information that comes in. We want to enhance the ability of people out in the field to get the information."

Legal Usage

Government of Cuba. Decree 2533 of 24 March 1960 publishes table for correlating old customs tariff with the new one. Published in Gaceta Oficial on March 24, 1960.

Government of Kuwait. Decree 266 of 15/10/02 concerns the policy of correlating Kuwaiti Dinar exchange price, to correlate the Kuwaiti Dinar exchange price with the dollar of the United States of America. Published in Al-Kuwayt al-Yawm on October 15, 2002.

Patent Usage

5-lipoxygenase Gene Polymorphisms and Their Use in Classifying Patients: Patented by Jeffrey M. Drazen, Kwang-Ho In, Koichiro Asano, David Beier and James Grobholz on April 29, 1997. Abstract: The present invention provides identification of sequence polymorphisms in the 5-lipoxygenase gene that are present in general and asthmatic populations. The invention provides methods associated with correlating such polymorphisms with asthmatic phenotype and responsiveness to therapy. In particular, the invention demonstrates that individuals with reduced 5-lipoxygenase expression (or activity) are less responsive to treatment with 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors.

A Method for Monitoring Absorbed Dose in an Electron Beam: Patented by Courtland B. Lawrence and Joseph Mckeown on September 13, 1996. Abstract: Absorbed dose in a product being irradiated by an electron beam is determined by measuring the collectable current in a beam stop and correlating said current to absorbed dose.

A Method of Identifying and Verifying Correct Surgical Sites: Patented by II G. Carlson I on January 27, 2003. Abstract: A surgical site marking system for marking, correlating, and verifying that the surgical site which is to undergo the surgical procedure has been identified as the correct surgical site. The system utilizes labels and a series of checks to associate the patient with the correct surgery and appropriate surgical site.
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