An American Family Cooks: From a Chocolate Cake You Will Never Forget to a Thanksgiving Everyone Can Master-Judith Choate, Steve Pool, Stephen Kolyer, Michael Choate, Christopher Choate

  • Title: An American Family Cooks: From a Chocolate Cake You Will Never Forget to a Thanksgiving Everyone Can Master
  • Author: Judith Choate, Steve Pool, Stephen Kolyer, Michael Choate, Christopher Choate
  • Released: 2013-09-24
  • Language:
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 159962124X
  • ISBN13: 978-1599621241
  • ASIN: 159962124X


Review "I want to be adopted by Judith Choate and her two sons. So will you, when you get to know them from endearing stories of life backwhen sitting down every night to Judie's heartwarming, traditional American home cooking kept these three people going through rough times. Her sons Mickey and Chris grew into hard-working dads and expert home cooks in their own right. Together, they've written acookbook as personal as a family scrapbook and as indispensable as The Joy of Cooking.I went straight for the heart andsoul of Judie's classic weeknight cooking: meatballs and spaghetti. The meatballs are light and flavorful...and abundant. What she said made about 20 two-inch balls made about 30 or more for me, so my freezer is packed! Her recipe for marinara sauce makes about four quarts, so you'll be well stocked after a simple simmering of Pomi tomatoes (absolutely no additives), dried basil, and lots of fresh garlic.There's probably not a meal you want to make that isn't in here" – The Good Cook Book Club

"A family that cooks together stays together—or so you’ll think after perusing this delectable collection of recipes by Judith Choate (who has worked on over 100 cookbooks) and her sons, who have followed her footsteps into the culinary world." – Lindsay Hunt, Associate Food Editor, Real Simple, "7 Favorite Family Cookbooks," September 3, 2013

"It is a beautiful book, and easily approachable for the home cook." – Steve Boss, Host, Great Taste Radio Show

“Judie has been a wife, a mother, a ghostwriter for dozens of chefs, a co-author for others and a cookbook author in her own right. This is her quintessential book, written with her family and photographed by a great food photographer, her husband. She has poured her knowledge, her efficiencies, her sense of the delicious, the doable and eminently servable, and her laughter into this ultimate family cookbook. From her kitchen to yours.” – Charlie Palmer, chef, restaurateur, hotelier
“Judith’s knowledge and history of ingredients and cooking is outstanding. Her ability to extract and portray the true flavors in a recipe by developing the dishes onto the pages for the readers is phenomenal!  She is in a league of her own and a hell of a wonderful woman!”—Chef David Burke

"An American Family Cooks shows the true spirit of what American cooking today should be. Family and friends honestly caring for each other. Passion about the food every step of the way. Sharing and passing on the great stories behind the traditions that arrive at the table. Creating new ones together for the next generation. Judie, Mickey, Chris & Steve, set a place at your table for me!"
—Chef Dean Fearing, chef-owner Fearing's at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

"To know Judie, Steve, Mickey, and Chris is to know that a family that cooks together is the root of all things important in life. This book shares the passion of a family that has experienced marvelous meals, great stories, world class ingredients, and great friends around their dining tables. Judie is the orchestra leader of her family, extended families, and a wealth of friends. Join her as she invites us to try simple but delicious recipes in the framework of great stories accompanied by Steve's stunning photographs. They will be your family as well after you have cooked with them!"
—Alain Sailhac, Dean Emeritus, The International Culinary Center in NYC
and Arlene Sailhac, Founder of the 33-year-old De Gustibus Cooking School

An American Family Cooks
will be the Featured Selection for The Good Cook Bookclub ‘s late September catalog (announce date 9/8/13, in homes approximately 9/25/13).

About the Author Judith Choate is a writer, chef and pioneer in the promotion of American food and author and co-author of over 100 books. Additionally, through her company, Custom Cuisine, Judie works as a consultant in product development, most specifically creating lines (both recipes and actual production) of restaurant quality specialty food products and entrées for commercial distribution as well as in marketing, restaurant development, and culinary presentations. She has been consultant to many internationally-known chefs, among them, Charlie Trotter, David Burke, and Charlie Palmer as well as to companies such as Heinz, Starbucks and Costco.

For more, click "About Judie" on the website for her popular blog, "Notes From Judie's Kitchen" at

Judith Choate lives in New York City
Michael Choate lives in upstate New York
Christopher Choate lives in San Francisco
Steve Pool (Photographer) lives in New York City
Stephen Kolyer (Painter) lives in New York City

Quotes about Judith Choate:

Judith Choate is as passionate about the written word as she is about food, making A Reader's Cookbook both a pleasure and a terrific blueprint for sharing great writing and great eats. -- Michael McCarty of Michael's Restaurants in Santa Monica and New York

A Reader's Cookbook encourages you to curl up not only with a good book but also a terrific collection of recipes. Judith Choate explores the surroundings of favorite authors with delicious results. -- Nan Lyons, author of Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? and Around the World in Eighty Meals

Judith Choate has masterfully created a delicious road map for a culinary journey around the world. It's the perfect pairing to any book club. -- Charlie Palmer, of Aureole, Joule and other restaurants, hotels and wine shops across the country. pdf
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