Manhandled By Gay Soldiers: 4 Book Bundle Box Set-

  • Title: Manhandled By Gay Soldiers: 4 Book Bundle Box Set
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 44
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  • ASIN: B00F7NW2QU


This compilation contains 4 of my most popular stories, and purchasing the collection will lead to a saving of 25%!

Spoils Of War

Billy Jackson has finally found a home, a place where he feels like he belongs. His mother never really cared about him and, despite having a long line of 'uncles', he has never really known his father.

Since joining the army he has made a whole host of friends, and tonight he intends to paint the town red with his best friend, Rick.

Rick had intended to go home for the holidays, but a few things got in the way, so he decided to hang out with his friend instead. The two men prepare for the night out by enjoying a couple of sips of hard liquor, but the hard liquor soon leads to hard rods.

No Man Left Behind

Josh Tomkins fled the military out of shame and embarrassment. He was willing to pick up a weapon and to fight for Uncle Sam, but he wasn't willing to fight for the star-spangled banner once his true sexuality was discovered.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell might not be around anymore, but the stigma of being a homosexual in an adrenaline fueled world still remains, and Josh turned his back on his dream due to laughs and giggles.

He has turned to the bottle in recent months, but when he bumps into an old friend he is reminded of the world he left behind, as well as a new world he has yet to fully explore.

Top Secret: Blow Your Load

Roy Donovan thought that the military would be an easy meal ticket, a place where he could make some money to invest into something that he is truly passionate about later on down the line, but he was wrong. Roy has struggled with almost every aspect of basic training so far and, with a huge physical test on the horizon, he fears that his days as a recruit in the United States Military could be numbered.

After a night of reflection, he comes to a conclusion that will shape the rest of his failing career, and possibly his life, but in a moment of weakness he is caught in a compromising situation, and has no choice but to do as the man says, even if he has to swallow his load.

Fighting Withdrawal

Gregory Jameson hasn't had an easy life, but the last two years have been worse than he could ever imagine. Two years ago, almost to the day, he was serving in Afghanistan with his best friend Jack. The two men felt honored to serve their country, but Jack had to make the ultimate sacrifice for his homeland.

Distraught, Greg turned to the bottle in search of a companion, and tonight he finds himself alone in a bar, as he often does, but he isn't alone for long. A handsome stranger with a familiar smile catches his eye, and soon the bad memories get pushed to the back of his mind as primal lust comes to the forefront.

Soon there is only one thing that he can think of, soon there is only one thing he wants - a big fat cock!

This book is intended for a mature reader and contains scenes of a sexual nature, which include, but are not limited to: Gay Bareback Sex, Gay Creampie, Oral Sex, Rimming and Mild Domination. pdf
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