Africa - Beautiful, wild and dangerous . . . .-

  • Title: Africa - Beautiful, wild and dangerous . . . .
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  • Released: 2013-06-30
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When I travel, I keep a highly detailed diary in which I record my experiences, impressions and thoughts every day. Adventures that are related to me by other people are also often recorded in my diary and add resonance to my own stories.

This book includes the short stories that have been published as single books too.

Story 1: You never know what you will meet

“The Okavango, the vital artery of north-eastern Namibia, is an extraordinary, mysterious river.
Many villages are clustered on its banks. One sees fishermen standing in their dugout canoes, casting their nets. Time seems to stand still here, where the daily routine is leisurely, its rhythm set by the broad, slow-flowing river.
This life-giving river also has a darker side. On its banks and in its sluggish waters lurk many dangers, and dramatic scenes often play out here . . . .

. . . Quietly paddling in the water, Mulambwa has already reached the middle of the river.
From the further river bank the call of a startled night bird carries across the water.
Frightened, Mulambwa scans the river and then takes ever more powerful strokes towards the opposite bank.
All the while he must keep his head upright so that his clothes do not fall into the water.
Now the water is becoming shallower. He takes the bundle from his head and begins to wade the last few meters to the river bank.
He is relieved that he has left the river and its dangers behind him.

Then suddenly he hears a muffled tramping coming from the forest, accompanied by a short, quiet snort . . . . “

Story 2: Climbing in unexpected altitudes

Captivatingly, but also amusingly and self-deprecatingly told and illustrated with many impressive pictures.

„ . . . I am not a timid sort of person, definitely not. If I were timid and exhibited the caution of the timid person, I would have avoided many dangerous encounters and perilous situations.
However, I would have missed out on many experiences which have enriched my life and have been unforgettably exciting.
Almost all of these dangerous experiences share a common denominator: dramatic situations almost always appear quite harmless at the beginning . . .

. . . With a quick forward motion I let the camera glide out of my hand. It lands none too softly in the grass.
As I am coming out of my slightly bent posture, one of the attackers is already before me. His chest is only thirty centimetres from my face . . .

. . . The ostriches need a second to react. But then I sense them running right behind me.
When I am about a meter from the tree I leap.
I hit the tree harder than I expected but still manage to hold onto the trunk a fair distance above the ground.
I briefly feel something touch my leg . . .“

Story 3: You can’t see us, but we can see you

Animal world of Africa is fascinating and often unpredictable.

The night at a campfire in the midst of the African wilderness is a worthy frame for many stories.
However, under all stories of this night was one which particularly fascinated me, but also has left me behind questioningly:

“ . . . What could be seen only vaguely before is now almost completely hidden in the dark of night.
Unsteady on his feet, the nocturnal wanderer negotiates the last few meters towards his destination with increased concentration.
The lions hear the light shuffle of his footsteps. Several of them raise their heads from between their forelegs . . . “

This story from the diary recordings of a nature photographer, enriched with many impressive pictures shows that nature still has unexpected surprises often also for experienced rangers.
Since death sometimes lurks at familiar places and is closer than one believes . . . . pdf
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