Sacred Therapy: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on Emotional Healing and Inner Wholeness-Estelle Frankel

  • Title: Sacred Therapy: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on Emotional Healing and Inner Wholeness
  • Author: Estelle Frankel
  • Released: 2004-01-20
  • Language:
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 1570629978
  • ISBN13: 978-1570629976
  • ASIN: 1570629978


From Publishers Weekly "There is nothing more whole than a broken heart," taught Hasidic master Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotsk. Frankel cites that paradoxical wisdom as well as other biblical, Hasidic, Talmudic and kabbalistic traditions to shape her thesis: healing begins with brokenness and leads to transformation, wholeheartedness and renewal. As a psychotherapist and teacher of Jewish mysticism, Frankel integrates the psyche and spirit so they "flow as two currents in a single stream, creating a synergistic healing power." She uses the kabbalistic myth of the shattered vessels to mirror the inevitability of brokenness in our lives, the broken tablets at Sinai as a metaphor for imperfection, the Exodus from Egypt as a reflection of change and self-liberation and the process of teshuvah (repentance) and the High Holiday cycle as paradigms for healing. "Locating ourselves in Jewish myth and metaphor," she says, can lessen the sense of isolation in suffering, as well as enlarge our identities through spiritual awareness. The book is divided into three parts: kabbalistic cosmology and healing; healing and birthing the self; and wholeness and integration. Client case studies and reflections on her own life focus on common psychological complaints: a broken heart, transition, loss, depression and illness. Suggestions for guided meditations and spiritual rituals give readers practical ways to be "healed by, or in spite of, whatever illnesses and difficulties we face in our lives." Those familiar with the concept of tikkun olam-repairing the world-will discover here its more personal and interconnected form-tikkun nefesh: healing our own souls.
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Review "Her background knowledge is extensive and she readily quotes from an impressive variety of sources to illustrate her points. . . . Therapists who include a spiritual perspective in their work would likely benefit from the many moving metaphors and images Frankel illuminates."—Library Journal

"Frankel has done an impressive job of blending ancient Jewish wisdom with modern psychology to fashion a powerful force for healing." —Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

"Frankel deftly harvests the pearls of her own deep-sea dive into the intimate world of spiritual counseling. Filled with usable stories, quotes, and concepts, this book is a must-read for rabbis, therapists, Jewish educators, and other professionals who take to heart the transformative power of the spiritual journey."—Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, author of The Receiving: Reclaiming Jewish Women's Wisdom

"Sacred Therapy integrates profound Hasidic and Kabbalistic teachings with psychotherapeutic insight, revealing to readers how to shift from ordinary self-centeredness to a more spacious, 'spirit-centered' perspective. I highly recommend this compelling book to readers from all backgrounds, for its wisdom is rich and universal."—David A. Cooper, author of God Is a Verb

"Estelle Frankel is a masterful, seasoned spiritual helper whose writing opens awareness, offers valuable tools for inner work, and awakens the hope that makes for sustained effort."—Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Professor of Religion at Naropa University and Rabbinic Chair of Aleph, Alliance for Jewish Renewal

"For years people have talked about the need for an integration of spiritual insights into therapy—Estelle Frankel actually does it, and does it in a way that avoids simplistic New Agey nonsense and pop-psychology and instead provides a new vision of what spiritually informed psychology could be."—Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor of Tikkun magazine and author of Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation and Healing Israel/ Palestine.

"In a world of pain and, too often, despair, Estelle Frankel opens up the stunning light of Kabbalistic consciousness to the Western reader. She is loving, profound, original, and brilliant. If you seek wholeness and healing—if you seek yourself—then Frankel is a must read!"—Marc Gafni, author of Soul Prints and The Mystery of Love pdf
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