The third president. The political portrait of Leonid Kuchma-

  • Title: The third president. The political portrait of Leonid Kuchma
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  • Released: 2012-05-28
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  • Pages: 174
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  • ASIN: B00872AVL6


As someone who takes this book to hand, probably just the question: why it has such a name - Third President? For citizens of Ukraine only twice (as of the time, the the book was written) came to the polls to cast their vote for head of state. When Leonid Kravchuk, December 1, 1991 won the election, he was called the first nationally President of Ukraine. Then this title disappeared. But we forget that, although not nationally elected, the first head of the Ukrainian state was another politician. However, he held this position very long, as led by the Ukrainian National Republic was destroyed. But the fact remains the fact: the first President of Ukraine is Hrushevsky. The second - Leonid Kravchuk. And Leonid Kuchma - under the third

Yuriy Lukanov - independent journalist who, in addition to current
cooperation with the media, even wrote several books: "The third president. The political portrait of Leonid Kuchma" collections of political epigrams and verses of black humor" Kozyulky "and" deck of Yuschenko. "He is also author of the script of documentary films "Three Love Stepan Bandera", "Who are you, Mr. Jackie?", "Portrait of the mafia in a woman's interior," "Monkey" were born in Cherkassy "," NATO: in search of the enemy. "
Despite a wealth of experience in journalism, Yuriy Lukanov most loves Reporter's work pdf
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