The Handbook-

  • Title: The Handbook
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 61
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  • ASIN: B005U3KPA2


All man are born equal ; but why are some more successful than the others ? What secrets , knowledge do they possess that others are not aware of ?

"The Handbook" , focuses on Mental and Moral aspect of life. The persons we most respect of , past and present, are not usually those with the deepest pocket, but those with highest standard of moral, character and personality.

For one to truly live and truly love, they first have to discover themselves and their true calling. The phrase ; 'Help your neighbour as you help yourself' - truly indicate that you have to first help yourself before you are able to extend your hands to others.

This site is aimed at provoking inner thoughts , encouraging self discovery and setting up goals for your life. Once you have reached that goal, turn around and help those around you, reached theirs too. Let's all have a very pleasant life in abundance
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