Peyote Dreams: Journeys in the Land of Illumination-

  • Title: Peyote Dreams: Journeys in the Land of Illumination
  • Author:
  • Released: 2013-09-20
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  • Pages: 160
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Review "With insightful thoughts and vivid language, Duits takes his readers along as he recounts his own experiences and, more importantly, his thoughts about them. A lively and informative read."
(Thomas B. Roberts, author of The Psychedelic Future of the Mind and editor of Spiritual Growth with Entheogens)

"Brilliantly and poetically written, completely engrossing, and magically able to describe the indescribable--the majesty and inner drama of the peyote journey--Duits’s work is reminiscent of (but maybe even richer and more evocative than) Huxley’s writings on his own mescaline journeys."
(Ross Heaven, author of Cactus of Mystery and Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia)

About the Author Charles Duits (1925-1991) was a French writer and surrealist known for his heroic fantasy saga novels Ptah Hotep and Nefer. He began his writing and philosophy work at the age of 17, after sending some of his poems to André Breton who then invited him to participate in the experiments of his surrealist group. He frequently met with Anaïs Nin, who speaks of him in her Journal. A student of Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and Zen Buddhism, he was the author of 11 books and novels in French. pdf
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