The First Season (The Coach Series)-

  • Title: The First Season (The Coach Series)
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 100
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Twelve year old Sally Jackson from Prairie Falls, Oklahoma gave up her dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast to pursue her real passion, coaching. What began as a group of friends doing gymnastics in the back of her Dad’s welding shop had now become a team and Sally was their leader, a position that had earned her the nickname of The Coach from the folks around The Falls. Two other coaches formed the remainder of what had to be the strangest coaching staff in the state. Mike Corrigan had ended a successful coaching career in Tulsa shortly after his wife had been killed in a car accident. Moving to Prairie Falls, he expected to lead a semi-retired lifestyle, lots of fishing and boating. Those plans changed the day his path crossed with Sally Jackson’s. As was chronicled in THE COACH, the first book in this series, Sally renewed Mike’s purpose in life by helping him understand how much he still desired to coach. Along the way, the third member of the unusual coaching staff of the Prairie Falls Gymnastics Team was recruited. John McIntosh, the Reverend at Prairie Falls Methodist Church whose concern over a stranger opening a gymnastics school in town had lead him to interrogate Mike about his motives. His concern quickly turned to respect as Mike proved to be a man of integrity. The two soon realized they shared a common purpose. One served that purpose at the pulpit, the other in the gym.
This, the second book in the series, picks up where THE COACH left off and follows the gymnasts and coaches through the ups and downs in their first year of competition. The success of the gymnastics season does not end at the awards stand. The girls from Prairie Falls become friends with gymnasts from Enid and Oklahoma City and deal with the wrath of an over-zealous coach who wants to win at any cost. You will witness lives changed due to the actions of people close to the team. People like Kathy and Ann, the elderly busy-bodies of The Falls who are still very much involved with Sally and her friends. And people like Karen, Connie and Susan, three of Mike’s former gymnasts from Tulsa who influence one the girls from the falls to such a degree that she begins to see life as a world full of opportunities. And, you will experience how lessons taught by Mike years ago in Tulsa find their way to Prairie Falls affecting the lives of two new characters, four year old Jayden and her mother Jana.
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