The European Reformation-Euan Cameron

  • Title: The European Reformation
  • Author: Euan Cameron
  • Released: 1991-06-06
  • Language:
  • Pages: 584
  • ISBN: 0198730942
  • ISBN13: 978-0198730941
  • ASIN: 0198730942


Review Review from other book by this author: 'Now the standard introduction to the Reformation in Germany ' --History Review

'If you have been looking for a serious textbook to assign in your Reformation course, look no further: Euan Cameron's The European Reformation should be the text of choice for a long time to come. Broadly conceived while filled with vivid detail ... guided by a personal view, bracingly written - there's hardly a dull sentence in over 400 pages ... a superb achievement. Only a leisurely reading will do justice to the book's many strengths ... those readers who have learned to relish the subtlety and complexity of historical events will find much to enjoy and, of course, a great deal to learn in Cameron's presentation. ' --Gerald Strauss, Indiana University, German History, Vol. 10, 1992

'To call Dr Cameron's new book a tour de force would amount to a serious understatement. The work has involved a massive marshalling of recent scholarship in all fields of Reformation history. A masterly survey of princely and aristocratic Reformations from the German homeland through Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, England, Scotland and France ... with a sensitive study of the motivations of the powerful ' --Michael Mullett, University of Lancaster, History, Oct '92

'A new standard has been set with this one-volume survey of the Protestant Reformation, which should drive all others from the field. Cameron traces the movement from its late-medieval roots through the end of the sixteenth century with elegance, understanding, and a particularly impressive gift for lucid explanation. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this work is its documentation: ninety-odd pages of notes make the volume an extended historiographical essay in which the reader is guided toward the seminal scholarship on nearly every issue discussed in the text itself. Throughout, Cameron masterfully places the theological and intellectual developments of the sixteenth century within the broader context of social and political events ' --Robert J. Bast, University of Arizona, The Catholic Historical Review, April 1993 --This text refers to the edition.

About the Author
Euan Cameron is Henry Luce III Professor of Reformation Church History, Union Theological Seminary, New York, and has taught previously at the University of Oxford and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is the author of a number of other works on late medieval and early modern religious history, including The Reformation of the Heretics (1984), Waldenses: Rejections of Holy Church in Medieval Europe (2000), and Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason and Religion 1250-1750 (2010). He is the editor of Early Modern Europe: An Oxford History (1999) and the sixteenth century volume in the Short Oxford History of Europe series (2006).
--This text refers to the edition. pdf
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