Help! My Toaster's Broken-

  • Title: Help! My Toaster's Broken
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 17
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  • ASIN: B0090MXUEM


We've all been there, the guarantee has just expired on your washing machine or refrigerator..then it mysteriously breaks down.

Do you own a hard disk..just how much can you really fit onto it?

Does your car battery let you down well before time?

Are our every-day appliances we rely on, built for destruction?

Why does your toaster commit suicide?

How we, the general public, are manipulated by producers and package designers.

Once upon a time, consumer goods were built to last. Then, in the 1920’s, a group of businessmen realized that the longer their products lasted, the less money they made. It's all down to the Light Bulb Conspiracy, thus something called Planned Obsolescence was born and, ever since, manufacturers have deliberately shortened their products’ life spans to increase sales.

This short read Help! My Toaster's Broken by Eric Blake discusses the reasons why we, the consumer, are forced prematurely to buy replacement products because more and more companies seem to be shortening the lifespan of these products by cleverly programming them to self-destruct. pdf
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