Challenge Cancer and Win! Step-By-Step Nutrition Action Plans for Your Specific Cancer-Kim Dalzell, Peter Bumpus, Steve Ferchaud

  • Title: Challenge Cancer and Win! Step-By-Step Nutrition Action Plans for Your Specific Cancer
  • Author: Kim Dalzell, Peter Bumpus, Steve Ferchaud
  • Released: 2002-04-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 460
  • ISBN: 0971255873
  • ISBN13: 978-0971255876
  • ASIN: 0971255873


Review "Challenge Cancer and Win! is the only book that came close to helping us make a nutrition program realistic." -- C.H., Michigan cancer fighter

"Challenge Cancer and Win! is well researched, extremely informative, comprehensive and reader-friendly. " -- Murphy Vestute, Editor, Taking the Fear Out of Cancer

"Commendations to those personally motivated readers who follow the wise guidelines in this book." -- Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS Author, Beating Cancer with Nutrition

"This book provides an easy-to-read resource for cancer patients and nutritional professionals who counsel them." -- Sarah Harding-Laidlaw, MS, RD, MPA, Editor, Nutrition in Complementary Care

"This is a very effective guide with a warm, appealing tone--a plus considering the extremely stressful nature of cancer." -- Writer's Digest, 2001

"With clear explanations, simple food plans, and rock solid supplement recommendations, patients quickly become well equipped cancer fighters." -- Becky Wright, RD Nutrition Specialist

From the Publisher Other cancer and nutrition books focus on a one-size-fits-all, generalized approach to beating cancer--not Challenge Cancer and Win! With detailed, scientifically based diet and vitamin plans for sixteen specific cancers, this no-nonsense, effective guide to nutrition helps answer the question, "what can I do to beat MY KIND of cancer?"

Challenge Cancer and Win! is a 2001 National Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award winner and has been developed into a distance learning course for naturopathy and nutrition students worldwide.

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