Scotland's Mountain Ridges: Scrambling, Mountaineering and Climbing - the best routes for summer and winter (Cicerone Guides)-

  • Title: Scotland's Mountain Ridges: Scrambling, Mountaineering and Climbing - the best routes for summer and winter (Cicerone Guides)
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  • Released: 2011-07-21
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  • Pages: 256
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  • ASIN: B007H6064A


Review In short, this is a fantastic little book, which selects the best of Scotland's ridges, the best ways and days of enjoying them. Whether an enthusiastic young walker looking to move onto steeper ground, or a more experienced climber wanting to re-visit the scene of former triumphs, this book will prove stimulating to both and deserves a place in the bookshelf. Scottish Mountaineer, May 2006 Each of the 48 routes included in the guide is graded for difficulty, and features a navigable detailed route description. The in depth information, route maps and topos are what will be useful on the ground, but it's the photography that will get you out the door with your bootlaces still undone. Why bother with Europe when you eye's are opened to these gems.' Adventure Travel Magazine May/June 2006 There is no doubt that this book will prove of most value to mountaineers. Highly recommended.' Irish Mountain Log, Summer 2006 'I have always thought that if mountains were not meant to be climbed they wouldn't have grown ridges, what can be more natural than wanting to scale them? Included, as you would expect, are classic traverses of Aonach Eagagh, An Teallach, Liathach, the Black Cullin Ridge, along with lesser-know gems - Marathon Ridge on Ben Lair and Northeast Ridge of Sgurr Ghiubhsachain. Dan Bailey is a man who knows and loves his hills. To those who claim his book will merely encourage yet more feet on to our fragile mountains, he has this to say "If more people were inspired to visit the Highlands then perhaps their protection might move farther up the nation's agenda." And speaking as someone who rarely reads guidebooks, Scotland's Mountain Ridges certainly inspired me.' (The Scots magazine / March 2007) Also check out the reviews and articles on the following websites: (Aonach Eagach article) (Tower Ridge article) (Review)

About the Author Dan Bailey lives in Edinburgh and has always had a passion for climbing and the outdoors. He has climbed and walked in North and South America, North Africa, Asia and throughout Europe and the UK. He still insists that Scotland is the best. Ridges are a particular passion. pdf
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