International Health Law And Ethics: Basic Documents-André den Exter

  • Title: International Health Law And Ethics: Basic Documents
  • Author: André den Exter
  • Released: 2009-06-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 487
  • ISBN: 9046602591
  • ISBN13: 978-9046602591
  • ASIN: 9046602591


This book contains a collection of treaty documents and soft law on health care rights and health ethics used in health law training programs. Regional documents and explanatory reports on health care rights, which are derived from international human rights law, provide a way of "unwrapping" government obligations in health care, making rights more specific, accessible, and (judicially) accountable. In addition, soft law declarations and medical ethics contribute to understanding the moral meaning of human rights in health care. As such, the principles and standards provide practical guidance for States when dealing with equal access to health care services, the rights of patients, biomedical research, organ donation and transplantation, genetics, and public health. The book's general comments and explanatory reports amplify the principles embodied in human rights treaties. The authoritative interpretations clarify a 'European approach' on a State's obligations concerning health care rights and ethics. This volume is an initiative of the Erasmus Observatory on Health Law. It will be a helpful guide for all trainers, health care professionals, and students interested in human rights issues in health care.
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