Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements-J. Mark Gidley, George L. Paul

  • Title: Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements
  • Author: J. Mark Gidley, George L. Paul
  • Released: 2009-10-19
  • Language:
  • Pages: 960
  • ISBN: 9041132031
  • ISBN13: 978-9041132031
  • ASIN: 9041132031


Although international mergers continue to become more common, merger control regimes are wildly diverse, and there is no procedurally harmonized international system of merger notification. Instead, any one of the plethora of inconsistent regulations can hold up your transaction. The current edition of Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements evaluates the merger notification requirements of over 215 jurisdictions. In this book, the leading authorities at White & Case provide a complete road map for parties contemplating a multinational transaction by highlighting the disparate ways in which competition authorities treat mergers, including differences in notification timing; filing fees; turnover, size, and post-merger market share thresholds; potential penalties; volume and type of required filing information; and the multitude of standards and definitions that pervade every multinational transaction. This is an easy way for you to avoid time-consuming and costly bureaucratic obstacles! Wherever you may be advising on a merger, Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements will let you immediately determine: Where do I have to seek regulatory approval? When am I required to request approval: pre-merger, post-merger or is notification voluntary? Which countries do not require regulatory approval? How long does the approval process take? What key substantive issues will the agency examine? How much will it cost? And more!
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