Running Free: A Tale Inspired by Patsy Ann-

  • Title: Running Free: A Tale Inspired by Patsy Ann
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  • Released: 2012-09-28
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  • Pages: 17
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  • ASIN: B009JL8JD6


This heart-warming tale of Juneau, Skagway, and the White Pass was inspired by the statue of Patsy Ann, a bull terrier, on the docks of Juneau, Alaska. A familiar sight to the thousands who arrive in Juneau on cruises and ferry-boats which ply the Inside Passage from the Pacific Northwest through the panhandle of southeastern Alaska, the statue commemorates the life of Patsy Ann (1929-1942), a free dog who became the official greeter to all ships docking in Juneau.

This short story (approximately 3,800 words) by Donald J. Bingle (author of the award-winning short memoir, "Father's Day") is about one family on such a cruise and the strange and wonderful experience that their daughter, Julie, has with Patsy Ann.

Donald J. Bingle has three published novels (Net Impact; Forced Conversion; GREENSWORD) and more than thirty-five stories, primarily in DAW themed anthologies and tie-in anthologies, including stories in The Crimson Pact, Steampunk'd, Imaginary Friends, Fellowship Fantastic, Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies, Time Twisters, Front Lines, Slipstreams, Gamer Fantastic, Transformers Legends, Search for Magic (Dragonlance), If I Were An Evil Overlord, Blue Kingdoms--Mages & Magic, Civil War Fantastic, Future Americas, All Hell Breaking Loose, The Dimension Next Door, Sol's Children, Historical Hauntings, Hot & Steamy--Tales of Steampunk Romance, Carnage & Consequences, Time-Traveled Tales, and Fantasy Gone Wrong.

Donald J. Bingle is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, the GenCon Writers Symposium, the Origins Game Fair Library, and the St. Charles Writers Group.

You can find out more about Don's writing and link to all of his books and stories at Please consider posting a thoughtful and honest review about this publication.

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