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'The Seventh Day' blows apart our comfortable assumptions about God. It decodes the deepest mystical secrets behind some of the most fundamental articles of Jewish and Christian faith; such as The Sabbath Day, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, son of God, the word Amen, the Tree of Life, the Logos, the Original Sin and how man was created in the Image of God. It also reveals a hitherto unknown deep relationship between the biblical name of God, Jahweh and the sacred Hindu symbol AUM and in doing brings us to a new understanding about the nature of reality. After shedding explosive new light on the debate between Atheists and Fundamentalists about the existence of God, it takes us on a tour de force of the Creation and Garden of Eden stories in Genesis Chapters 1-3.
Using as its base the Jewish body of mystical writings from the Kabala, this book supports a view of the Universe that Scientists are only now just beginning to discover. It also uniquely enables the reader to make deep and fundamental link between Eastern and western spiritual traditions which dispel our blind assumptions about religion. It supports and expands upon the principles of Darwinian evolution and in so doing we discover a mind numbingly vast story of the evolution of the meta-universe that has already been recognised by eastern spiritual tradition but now is also revealed at the heart of Judeo-Christian tradition. It presents us with a fresh perspective about what we can learn about our place within in the meta-universe and ourselves at this critical time in human history.
The Seventh Day provides a revolutionary third perspective on the existence of God. It begins by looking at the Western view of God and its absurdities and introduces the reader in a very accessible way to the Zohar, a part of the Kabbalah, the body Jewish mysticism. It then demonstrates its remarkable parallels with Eastern yogic tradition. It shows where the physical world meets the metaphysical and provides a common sense explanation as to why people may have missed this simple connection. It agrees with Atheists such as Dawkins and Hitchens that a supernatural designer God is not very likely and it examines why the popular religious interpretation of its supernatural God is deeply unsatisfactory, as well as probably impossible from a spiritual perspective. It then goes on to explore what we can know about God from Judaism and Christianity; starting with the names of God within Hebrew tradition and exploring the role of the feminine aspect of God in both Judaism and as direct comparison, in Eastern tradition. It gives the structure and a history of the Kabbalah and then uses that knowledge to look specifically at the underlying structure of the cosmos as described within the Kabbalistic book of the Zohar. It reveals within the remarkable story of the Creation, a Meta-Universe that is more head-spinningly vast than even science has so far discovered. Indeed, it suggests that our physical cosmos may actually exist within a vaster non-physical Super Universe, and that a link to all of this can be found within us. Finally it examines what this can tell us about the future and our place in it based upon what has been discovered in the book. pdf
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