The Doctor's Always in: A Guide to 1,100+ Best Health and Medical Information Sites on the Internet-Jay S. Schneider, Theodore I., Ph.D. Lidsky

  • Title: The Doctor's Always in: A Guide to 1,100+ Best Health and Medical Information Sites on the Internet
  • Author: Jay S. Schneider, Theodore I., Ph.D. Lidsky
  • Released: 1999-04-01
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  • Pages: 0
  • ISBN: 0966494903
  • ISBN13: 978-0966494907
  • ASIN: 0966494903


From the Publisher Need medical information at 3 AM or on a Sunday night? Do you want background information so that you can intelligently discuss your medical problem with your physician? The World Wide Web and the Internet have much of that information but how do you find it? A simple search using a good browser typically turns up thousands to tens of thousands of hits. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? The Doctor's Always In helps to solve this problem.

The Doctor's Always Inoffers a comprehensive listing of on-line medical sites where information is described in terms that the average person can understand. Each chapter in this book begins with a description of general information resources. These are Internet sites that provide a broad range of patient-relevant information concerning the main chapter topic. Each chapter then goes on to present descriptions of sites providing specific information on more focused topics such as specific diseases.

From the Back Cover This book is the most comprehensive guide of its kind available anywhere. This is the perfect reference book for anyone interested in obtaining up-to-date, reliable health and medical information while avoiding the many pitfalls of the Internet. The authors, professional medical researchers, have exhaustively searched the Internet to separate the wheat from the chaff so that you can spend your time learning rather than following dead ends around the Internet. This road map for the medical Internet was written for time conscious health care consumers who want information they can trust made available quickly and easily. The book has 25 easy-to-read chapters organized according to body system and specific disease categories. Each entry contains a site address, a layman's description of the information available at that site and an e-mail address for a contact person at the site. An additional strength of this book is that it contains excellent

introductory chapters that explain how the Internet and World Wide Web work and how to troubleshoot common problems associated with browsing the Internet. The thoroughness and clarity of presentation will make this book indispensable to Internet novices and savvy browsers alike.

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