God Don't Give a Damn: The Power of Free Choice Through Unconditional Love-

  • Title: God Don't Give a Damn: The Power of Free Choice Through Unconditional Love
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  • Released: 2010-08-06
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  • Pages: 62
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  • ASIN: B005575P08


The information in this book may both inspire or offend the readers depending on their belief system of who and what God is to them. The purpose of this book is not to trample on or belittle what you think, but to challenge you to open your mind to the possibility that there is more to discover on this spiritual journey. This book does not claim to have all of the answers for you but it encourages you to seek the answers that are already within you.

We are all here to walk our personal paths and find the ultimate truth which may have more to do with you than a God to whom you may worship or acknowledge as your source of identity and direction. We are all offspring of the one source of whom we have given many names to. This book is an attempt to inspire us to put away our petty differences and recognize that we may all be on a journey to the same place no matter how diverse our roads may seem. This book will unmask the illusion of separation which is the source of every form of human degradation.

Salvation or damnation is in our control through the choices that we make or fail to make as a species. The essence that we refer to as God has empowered us to be the creators of our own destinies and it is up to us whether we save or destroy ourselves. We are the gods or devils in the earth that have been granted the freedom of choice to write our own script. This book is a part of that script in an attempt to steer the human family away from self annihilation.
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