The Secret Path Beyond Ego-Kim Michaels

  • Title: The Secret Path Beyond Ego
  • Author: Kim Michaels
  • Released: 2012-03-06
  • Language:
  • Pages: 694
  • ISBN: 9949925142
  • ISBN13: 978-9949925148
  • ASIN: 9949925142


From the Author My philosophy as a writer is that I strive to be the open door for books that have a transcendental quality. Meaning that beyond merely expanding your understanding, the words carry a certain vibration, a certain spiritual energy. The combination of words and spiritual light can shift your consciousness more than words alone.

Over the years, I have seen from people's reactions just how powerful this can be for producing personal change. However, I have also learned that for some people, my books create an intense reaction of hostility. The light apparently makes some people very uncomfortable. 

This causes some people to feel, that in order to justify why they do not change, they have to discredit my books or me personally. And that is why you will see that my books have mostly five-star or one-star reviews. In fact, since 2009 my books have been the subject of an organized campaign by people who are very intent on making you not read them.

I mention this because I believe there is only one person who can determine whether my books have anything to offer you, and that is YOU. pdf
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