Old Man and Women: Stories from a Caf-

  • Title: Old Man and Women: Stories from a Caf
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 244
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  • ASIN: B006DNUF3U


About the Author About Old Doc In his last term of college, Old Doc held a third shift, full-time job in a psychiatric hospital, carried twenty hours of classes and honors seminars, and found time to watch girls. He also loved most solving puzzles and put twenty hours a week into the sculpture shop where he could do what he loved. The talents that he used in sculpture later worked well in science when his advisor in graduate school (Pitt, psychology) also let Old Doc do what he loved. It was a rare good break. He had five independent publications before he finished his Ph.D. and his dissertation in psychopharmacology attracted thirteen hundred requests for copies when the average dissertation drew about ten. Advisors for Old Doc’s NSF postdoctoral fellowship, in contrast, drowned him in what must be found. Old Doc rebelled and with two collaborators, injected microliters of glutamic acid into cat hypothalamus and produced non-emotional attack: Lots of bites, no hissing, and a following hour of catatonic stupor. Old Doc’s Yale adviser returned from vacation and ordered him to spend his research time in the library. Nature, however, published the paper, 600 people wanted copies, and Old Doc looked for a career where he might have more floor space but with fewer socialists. He next designed token economies for chronic schizophrenics and groups of mentally retarded adults at several state institutions. Old Doc eventually became an Assistant Superintendent at one and Acting Superintendent at another. He also led a special education task force in Chester County where getting done was more important than getting along. The Task Force assignment lasted a glorious ten years. He also organized conferences and became, for a year, Editor of Mental Retardation. Old Doc put pictures on the journal’s cover, shortened the review time from twelve months to one, supplied all reviewer comments to authors, and stole all the business from his sister publication. He also ignored the budget and was canned. Oh well . . . He published twenty online book reviews at Human Nature Reviews and other sites and gave thirty talks at scientific groups. He also edited and hosted the Evolutionary Psychology Forum for sixteen years but quit when he, with top audiences, was told not to discuss politics, even in the context of emergent networks. Old Doc still hangs in coffee shops, watches girls, and has another book planned, possibly one without a pen name. pdf
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